Utilities supply for the Novartis vaccine manufacturing facility

More capacity for production: To satisfy the growing demand for vaccines, Novartis Vaccines significantly expanded its production capacity for rabies and TBE vaccines in Marburg. To finish the project, however, it needed a reliable supply of utilities. The company entrusted the conceptual design of its infrastructural facilities and the design and commissioning of its central utilities plant to Infraserv Höchst as a professional service provider with expertise and experience in site design and operation.


Our utility services
Utilities supply
Marburg, Germany
Facts and figures
Construction of a central utilities plant at an existing site, area: approx. 73,450 m², user: Novartis with approx. 300 employees
Our services
  • Developing the conceptual design for the infrastructure plan
  • Preparing for the routine operation of the central utilities plant
  • Acceptance, documentation, tracking the warranty processes
  • Supplying and provisioning process fluids
  • Implementing the maintenance strategy
  • Providing transparency into all necessary maintenance and ensuring long-term operational reliability