Chemical and pharmaceutical industrial sites: delegate site management and unleash your full potential

  • Does your company use highly skilled employees to hire and manage a small army of external service providers?
  • Or are you short of valuable resources in your core business because you are handling all non-core site operation processes yourself?
  • Is your site management completely transparent?
  • Or is your site growing more complex, making it ever more challenging to keep track of everything?
  • Could your asset utilization rate improve after consolidating production operations?
  • Is your business site poised to transform itself into a multi-user structure, but you lack the road map needed to take this daunting final step?
  • Or, having metamorphosed into a multi-user site, are there redundancies in purchases of site-specific services?
  • Does the lifecycle of your products suggest that you take certain site development actions that we could help you with?
  • Or could a comprehensive continuing education program make your site more attractive to workers?

Site management is an area ripe for optimization, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers can dramatically enhance their competitive edge by trusting a specialist to manage certain processes or entire production sites. Infraserv Höchst has a strong track record in this field. We hail from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and boast decades of experience providing site services for these industries.

To run a site smoothly, many different tasks, services and responsibilities have to be juggled successfully. Two operator models are particularly popular among companies with 1,000 to 2,500 employees:

In one model, non-core processes are distributed among various external service providers. Site management’s job is to manage and coordinate all these suppliers safely, efficiently and effectively – a costly, time-consuming endeavor. The second option is for the company to employ in-house resources to operate non-core processes. This requires putting many skilled workers – including some with extensive qualifications – on payroll even though they contribute little or nothing to the actual core business.

In most cases, these two models have evolved organically over the years and have worked quite well for the companies using them – often for decades. However, as cost pressures intensify and tasks grow increasingly complex, many organizations are looking for new ways to streamline their site management. The challenges they face include growing competitive pressure, burgeoning regulation, problems recruiting specialists and young workers and digitalization opportunities that not everyone can harness.

Mergers and acquisitions also affect a site’s development. They may create synergies, but they always impose significant structural changes as well. Relocating production operations, for example, may require the infrastructure at the new site to be completely modernized. The old site is often left with an aging and sometimes oversized stock of real estate, plants and equipment. This can have serious consequences. Vacancies and poor asset utilization, especially in waste management or energy production, drive up costs considerably for the site and its owner, presenting additional challenges in terms of operator responsibility.

Effective marketing can rise to this challenge by attracting new, related businesses to the site. This gambit will only work, though, if high-performing site management has created an attractive environment for new site occupiers. After all, it only makes sense to evolve from a single-user to a multi-user site if this change does not multiply the complexity of secondary processes and the resident companies can devote their full energy and attention to their core businesses.

Outsourcing to one provider: cutting complexity

Site executives can best be freed up to focus on what they do best by adopting an approach that is not too disruptive and facilitates cooperation between all stakeholders. One solution that has increasingly proven its value combines the two operator models described earlier: All the services are managed by one party, as in the in-house model, but are delegated to an external service provider.

This involves delegating many operator responsibilities as well. The site service provider makes sure the non-core processes run smoothly, flexibly and in complete regulatory compliance while improving and enhancing the infrastructure as needed. This dramatically reduces complexity and releases valuable resources that you can use for your own core business. To learn more, see the article “Delegating operator responsibility” .

When planning this kind of outsourcing project, it is essential to find a partner who can expertly handle all areas of site management: from property administration and marketing to professional facility management to supplying utilities and raw materials and disposing of waste, wastewater and production residues. Also, the best service provider will know the special requirements that have to be met in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries: from the standards that govern the maintenance of building equipment in clean rooms to water quality requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing to expertise in handling hazardous substances. A site management specialist must thoroughly understand the resulting requirements. That is the only way to ensure plant availability and supply security.

Deep chemical and pharmaceutical knowledge: Infraserv Höchst

Infraserv Höchst “descended” from the former Hoechst AG: When the Hoechst AG Group was reorganized, the company was spun off as the operator of Hoechst’s former parent plant, now known as Industriepark Höchst. The 4.6 square kilometer site has evolved very rapidly over the past 20 years. Home to over 90 companies that employ around 22,000 people, it is one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical research and production sites in Germany. As the site’s operator, Infraserv Höchst is responsible for the advanced utility and waste management infrastructure at the park. We provide a wide array of services for customers in and outside Industriepark Höchst in health, safety and environmental protection, facility management, logistics, technical services and training and development.

External third-party companies like using our products and services, too:

Merck, for example, is one of several companies who trust us to handle the hard and soft facility management of their sites. We manage Merck facilities in Darmstadt, Weiterstadt and Gernsheim.

Another example: Regional transit company RMV is about to begin the process of successively outfitting its trains with fuel cell drives. The hydrogen comes from Industriepark Höchst, where it is generated as a waste product.

Complete TCO optimization

Outsourcing these tasks will immediately lead to the variabilization of your fixed costs: As a site service provider, we can scale our services up and down as your business volumes fluctuate. Outsourcing will also permanently lower your operating costs and management overhead. By combining services and creating synergies, we can permanently lower your total cost of ownership.

Site management = site operation + site development

Our mission is to free you up so you can focus on your core business. As your partner, we also want to help you prepare your site for the future. That means we will happily moderate the change processes required to transform your site.

Non-core processes are particularly prone to underinvestment. Due to our broad, longstanding experience, we can identify areas in need of investment and can help you modernize your facilities, plants, equipment and infrastructure in a way that advances your mission and prepares you for the future.

The first step in developing your site is simple: bring on board a highly specialized partner like Infraserv Höchst to handle your site management needs.

One team – one point of contact

Here is our promise: Our highly capable team, specialized in all disciplines and located at our headquarters and your site, will be represented by one person. For all your projects. This person will be the first point of contact for all your questions. That way, you always know exactly who to talk to and who to expect to provide the right information every time, no matter what your concern may be. Can we personally present our solution to you?

Your personal Infraserv Höchst contact has full responsibility at your site.

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Focus fully on your core business
  • Variabilize fixed costs
  • No resources unnecessarily tied up in non-core processes
  • Extensive assistance in all areas (of expertise) of site operation
  • Confidence from partnering with an industry expert
  • Single point of contact for smooth interactions and a transparent relationship
  • Make your site more attractive to investors
  • Make your site more attractive to employees
  • Future-proof site development with a specialized service provider

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