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There is an easy way to reduce your costs and risks and maximize your performance and flexibility: with our services. By outsourcing non-core processes to us, you can focus on your core business and sharpen your competitive edge. You will capitalize on our knowledge and extensive expertise as a leading site operator for the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries. Our holistic approach combines all process-relevant factors into an intelligently integrated end-to-end solution. We activate performance reserves and mobilize latent potential to deliver consistent, measurable results.

Site operation

Industrial site operation holds an enormous potential to enhance efficiency for manufacturers. In site operation, we take over processes and entire sites and design them to be safe and efficient for a long time to come. We have built up a broad, deep portfolio based on decades of hands-on industrial experience: from supplying utilities to properly disposing of waste. From streamlining supply chains to operating plants and infrastructure. From environmental protection to preventive health protection for employees. And we integrate all these processes intelligently, transparently and in full compliance with all legal requirements.

Site management

Change is the only constant – even for industrial estates. That is why, in site management, not only do we operate sites efficiently and holistically, but we also assume responsibility for their development. Our work takes many shapes: from implementing continuous improvement processes in regular operations to strategically enhancing service portfolios and site infrastructure. If desired, we can also support major investment and transformation projects. However, no matter what we do, it is always fully customized and tailored to your needs.

Site consulting

Assessing situations, identifying and seizing opportunities: In site consulting, we provide sound analyses and evaluations of your current structures and processes, and assessments of opportunities for development in your site portfolio. We advise and assist you in making informed business decisions and putting those decisions into action. Contact us – as a pioneering site operator, we can find the ideal future-proof solutions for your sites.

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