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Prevent disease today!

Our health check-up for your competitive edge

Start looking after your employees’ health today so your company is ready for lasting growth – Infraserv Höchst’s health check-up is a major step in that direction and supports your health management initiatives.

Our program is truly win-win because regular check-ups add tremendous value for everyone involved. These kinds of comprehensive examinations are usually not covered by health insurers without a specific complaint and represent a real benefit for employees. Staff check-ups are a worthwhile investment for companies, too.

Your benefits:

  • Retain employees
  • Promote good health
  • Reduce employee absences

More healthy growth for your company!

Prevent disease today!

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Wide range of preventive health exams for your employees

Workplace stress has risen steadily in recent years – back pain, excess weight and staff burnout are on the rise everywhere.

Employee absences impose steep costs on companies and the broader economy. More concretely, they foul up business processes and cut into your company’s productivity. Your machines and equipment receive regular preventive maintenance - your employees’ health deserves at least the same level of attention.

Let us run your preventive health program so you can concentrate on your core business!

This service, which we have been providing for years at Industriepark Höchst, has been so successful that we have decided to make it available to companies throughout Germany, too.

Our standard check-up for your employees takes around two to three hours and covers:

  • Capturing vital signs and basic parameters: blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height
  • Determining personal health parameters: nutrition, smoking, mental health, etc.
  • Questions regarding current mental health status as basis for the medical consultation and measures to be taken based on the consultation
  • Extensive consultation on individual risks for certain diseases
  • Complete blood count, liver function tests, renal function panel, uric acid, lipid metabolism panel, electrolytes, blood glucose, etc.
  • Urine test
  • Stool test
  • EKG at rest or during exercise
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs and carotid artery

We can also advise you on setting up your own occupational health management system!

Contact us today to talk to our health experts about health check-ups for your employees. We can also offer our services in modules to meet your company's specific needs.

Prevent disease today!

All test results are explained to employees in a confidential consultation, along with possible consequences such as necessary follow-up testing and treatment. That makes the health check-up a perfect tool for preventing disease and boosting productivity. Employees can take action before symptoms even occur. And in many cases, they do not even have to take medication if a condition is diagnosed early enough.

Healthy employees are the ultimate competitive edge

Take advantage of our occupational health services. After all, healthy employees are the foundation of a company’s lasting success.

We would be happy to visit you in order to discuss your preferences and expectations in detail and put together a suitable package for your workforce.

Note: Our services are designed for commercial customers!

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