Modernes medizinisches Forschungslabor mit Mikroskop und Testtuben mit Biochemikalien am Desk

Our lab services at a glance

Facility management can do more than logistics, facility operations and waste disposal. There is plenty of opportunity to reduce the workload of busy professionals, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. A specialized service provider can take on numerous tasks and supporting non-core processes. Thanks to its roots in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Infraserv Höchst can handle a large portfolio of tasks for you.

Here is just a cross-section of the laboratory services we offer:

  • Procurement, stockpiling and consumption monitoring of lab-specific materials
  • Hazmat disposal
  • Performance of serial analyses
  • Maintenance and management of databases, hazardous substance registers
  • Infraserv in-house teams at customer sites
  • Preparation of yearly reports / logbooks
  • Issuance of safe work permits and other permits
  • Control inspections of test systems for laboratory equipment
  • Pipette management / glassware
  • Transportation and shipping of samples
  • Arrangement of laboratory equipment testing
  • Audit support
  • Hazard analyses / provision of OSH specialist
  • Preliminary consulting for laboratory design
  • Recruitment and training from chemical technicians to laboratory technicians to chemical engineers