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Our lab services at a glance

Facility management can do more than just building operations, logistics and waste disposal. Especially in the laboratories of the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries, there is a lot of scope for relieving the workload of the specialists employed. A specialized service provider can take over numerous tasks and supporting peripheral processes. With our Lab Services, we offer valuable and comprehensive support in laboratory operations close to the interface with the core process, which goes well beyond the scope of regular fm in the laboratory and is unparalleled in the market.

You decide for yourself how much responsibility you want to delegate to us. Whatever the degree, we guarantee you legal certainty in laboratory operations in addition to reducing the workload for laboratory staff.

Overview Lab Services

1. We are there for you

  • Assumption of defined operator responsibility tasks
  • TGA services, building operation and lab services from a single source
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Infraserv in-house teams at the customer's site
  • Single point of contact for customers

2. Building operation

  • Janitor and services for legally compliant and fail-safe building operation
  • Work permits
  • Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Assumption of electrical responsibility

3. In-house teams

  • In-house specialists for HVAC, electrical, elevator systems and building automation
  • Authority management
  • Safety/Security
  • Fire protection
  • Contaminated site management

4. Procurement

  • Procurement, stockpiling and consumption control of laboratory-specific materials and products
  • Samples and goods logistics (in accordance with ADR guidelines)

5. Supply and disposal

  • Stockpiling and provision of materials
  • Collection and disposal of residual materials and waste (HAZMAT)
  • Redistribution of samples in the event of an accident
  • Rinsing service for laboratory equipment

6. Laboratory maintenance

  • Testing of laboratory equipment
  • Installation, calibration and testing of devices and equipment
  • Production and repair of glassware in our own glass workshop with delivery service
  • Coordination of day-to-day services

7. Laboratory processes

  • Pipette management
  • Filling service + labeling
  • Supporting individual laboratory processes and taking over entire workflows
  • Gas cylinders and chemical storage
  • Animal laboratory management

8. Quality management

  • Test equipment monitoring, management and inventory of equipment
  • Hazard assessments/analyses
  • Maintaining the hazardous substances register
  • Laboratory checks
  • Working and complying with GMP standards
  • Management of Change (MOC), procedure according to customer process

9. Education and training

  • Safety training
  • GMP/ADR training
  • Training on technical systems (RLT, GLT, refrigeration, EMR)
  • Recruitment and training from chemical technician to laboratory technician to chemical engineer

10. HSE/environmental protection

  • Measuring services for hazardous substances and radiation protection
  • Clearance measurement of materials and objects
  • Environmental analysis
  • Measurement of pollutants in the workplace, e.g. MAK value determination
  • Position of the occupational safety specialist
  • Risk assessments/analyses

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