Glassware shop

Are you developing a new process and need a plant complex filled with glass tools?

We can help by building experimental components and combining them into plant complexes robust enough to handle your operational demands. Infraserv Höchst’s trained employees have many years of experience making scientific glassware and advising customers on process development. With their support, you can optimize your processes one step at a time.

We make new features a reality

Do you need laboratory glassware in a non-standard size or shape? No problem: Our specialists can modify standard components and integrate new features based on your specific requirements. Our glassware will be fully customized and meet all your specifications for pressure resistance, chemical resistance and volumetric accuracy.

Glass repairs

Has an important part broken off a piece of lab glassware? We can get your laboratory running again in no time. Our express service team will repair your glassware at Industriepark Höchst with a perfect fit guarantee.

Our service portfolio:

  • Custom fabrication of laboratory glassware to customer specifications
  • Construction of large, complex glassware, such as for mini plants or double-wall reactors
  • Laboratory glassware/pilot plants
  • Microscale glassware
  • Filter reactors, columns
  • Silvering, evacuating
  • Satisfying rigorous DIN quality standards for glassware construction
  • Testing glassware at a pilot plant
  • Certified pressure tests
  • Fast, cost-effective repairs
  • Wide selection of standard components in stock
  • On-site consulting and design