Document-based training

Our solution to the document deluge

Turn dry, dull instructions into interactive training courses

Legally mandated training is increasing even as budgets shrink and timeframes shorten. How can you manage it all? With our document-based training program – it saves time and money compared to e-learning tools while covering reams of material.

Document-based training works much better than conventional e-learning for work instructions, safe work practices, safety toolbox talks, alarm procedures, SOPs and many other brief training sessions that draw heavily on documents. Regulated industries in particular are often required to train staff on a large number of individual documents that have to be regularly updated and reissued.

We have developed a system that converts documents into interactive training courses. These interactive documents are distributed to employees through an LMS platform. As you might expect, optional testing and legally compliant certificates of compliance are integral parts of this solution.

We would be happy to convert a document of your choosing into a document-based training program so that you can see our service for yourself.

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