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Learning is key to safety

ZEUS learning platform for the efficient, legally compliant delivery of all necessary training.

Risks in the work environment are a concern for everyone, not just for managers and supervisors. That is why the law requires all companies to provide regular health and safety training to their entire workforce. However, for many companies, training consumes too many financial and human resources: Firms have to stay abreast of legal developments, employ in-house instructors or hire outside trainers and schedule the training to minimize the impact on productivity.

Cutting-edge training with ZEUS

Infraserv Höchst is a longstanding partner of the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry and has a reputation as a recognized specialist in health, safety and environmental protection with decades of experience. This allows us to offer unparalleled content for our training courses.

Complete blended learning solution

Our ZEUS platform is a complete, state-of-the-art blended learning system. It delivers all required training in an efficient, legally compliant end-to-end format. In addition to e-learning, all ZEUS content and other subjects can be taught live, whether in-person or online.

E-learning modules

With e-learning, you can coordinate your company’s needs with learners’ individual preferences.

Five categories offer a broad selection:

  • General modules
  • Office
  • Laboratory
  • Logistics
  • Production and Engineering

The subjects range from the “German General Act on Equal Treatment” to “Active sitting” to “Recurring inspections under DGUV Regulation 3”.

In-person and online seminars

Digital formats are not always the best training method. That is why we also provide live courses, either in-person or online. They are taught on fixed dates and, depending on topic complexity, may last anywhere from half a day to several days.

End-to-end support

We will be happy to advise you individually, too. For large companies, we can create complete training programs from new and custom content as well as a wide range of prepackaged subjects. In addition to the training itself, our services include:

  • Managing learners
  • Organizing and planning courses
  • Preparing and mailing confirmations of participation and certificates
  • Preparing all other relevant analyses

Reliable documentation of the results ensures transparency, compliance and liability protection for all involved in the process.

Do you already have a preferred learning platform? If so, we will be happy to help you create custom modules and regularly update the training content as needed.

Attractive flat-rate models

Large industrial companies have to coordinate functions and operational areas, many of which have very specific safety requirements. With the ZEUS platform, you can configure custom solutions that safely and efficiently meet your legal training obligations.


  • Providing IT infrastructure (cloud) or implementing solution in customer’s existing IT infrastructure (on-premises)
  • Training in-house training coordinators, e.g. OSH specialists or HR business partners to use and support the solution at the company
  • Entering and managing employees as learners / maintaining master data
  • Determining training needs based on current job hazard analyses
  • Preparing and maintaining training plans, including clustering by applications and/or functions
  • Creating or adapting content to customer requirements
  • Overseeing implementation and supporting training coordinators during and after implementation
  • Evaluating and documenting the results and preparing confirmations of participation
  • Providing content and technological support and consulting in regular operations

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