How laboratory design works at Infraserv Höchst

Laboratory design is a broad field. But what are the specific options for modern design? And where do we make the difference?

In our laboratory design stories, we tell you how we approach this topic at Infraserv.

Anyone who wants to build or modernize an industrial laboratory usually faces a major challenge. There is a lot to consider during design and implementation.

This is why most building owners sooner or later go in search of an experienced expert. And the support on offer is diverse, as all the relevant information needs to be collected and transferred in a structured manner into reliable laboratory design. This is the only way to end up with exactly the laboratory that everyone involved wants.

To give you a better idea of what modern laboratory design can look like, let us tell you what makes laboratory design at Infraserv so special.

The diverse world of lab design and our stories

Get to know the possibilities of laboratory design at Infraserv. Not just in general and theoretical terms, but with concrete examples from our day-to-day design work. That's what we offer you with our weekly story series - look forward to 20 insights that could be relevant to you.

1. Involve employees

Would you like to involve your employees in the design process? Infraserv offers lab design workshops to involve employees.

2. Combining laboratory and esthetics

Can I combine lab and aesthetics? Modern working methods mean new demands on laboratories.

3. Working efficiently in the lab

Do you want to optimize circulation in your new lab? We can help you reorganize your lab structure.

4. Guard rails for laboratory architecture

Laboratory expertise and implementation experience - Infraserv architects support clients with laboratory rules of the game.

5. Change to the flexible shared lab

How can I convince my employees to use the new lab? Infraserv offers change managers.

6. Workshop on knowledge transfer

How can I benefit from my employees' knowledge? Infraserv offers a workshop to map the company's own processes.