Elevator systems - safety and efficiency for industry

Benefits for the industrial customer

In the demanding chemical and pharmaceutical industries, reliable elevator systems are essential. Trouble-free operation of elevator systems not only ensures the safety of employees and visitors, but also continuous production and logistics. A breakdown can have a significant impact on operations, which is why the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) classifies elevators as systems requiring monitoring.

Infraserv Höchst's services

  • Customized maintenance: Tailored maintenance and inspection plans for each facility
  • Transparent documentation: Clear, legally compliant documentation of all work performed and planned
  • Plant availability: Guaranteed plant availability through binding service levels
  • Regulatory tracking: Continuous customer information on legal requirements and changes
  • 24/7 customer service: Available around the clock for emergency calls and fault acceptance
  • Representation of interests: If necessary, representation of interests vis-à-vis authorities and optimization consulting (energy optimization, modernization, legal requirements)

Benefits from Infraserv Höchst

Industrial customers who choose Infraserv Höchst benefit from sustainable and innovative solutions in elevator technology. Our expertise enables us to leverage economies of scale and thus optimize costs. We also protect your investments in equipment and components and provide reliable security for your business and production processes. With Infraserv Höchst at your side, you not only get technical excellence, but also a partner who excels at sustainable, forward-looking solutions.

Optional and individually combinable additional services

  • Periodic inspection and test system without weights/ incl. weight setting according to BetrSichV
  • TÜV intermediate inspections according to BetrSichV
  • Elevator remote emergency call and passenger rescue
  • Inspections by an authorized person (elevator attendant)
  • Special cleaning of shaftsFast availability of spare/wear parts
  • Troubleshooting and repairs at cost (offer or in maintenance package)
  • Availability guarantee
  • (Safety) technical and economic system condition assessment
  • Planning and installation of new plants as well as execution of modernizations
  • Customized reporting
  • Support in the preparation of the legally required risk assessment

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