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Our ZEUS platform is a versatile, holistic blended learning solution that aims to improve safety at your organization. Our training modules aim to familiarize visitors and contractor employees with safe rules of conduct before they even enter your site. Also, our briefings and modules help you provide your workforce with regular health and safety training.

Safety briefings

Owners and operators of industrial facilities have a huge responsibility to keep their sites safe. For help, you can turn to our “electronic doorman”, the ZEUS safety training system for visitors and contractor employees .

Our video- and image-based safety briefing system sets new standards for ease and speed of use, reduces your employees’ workload, ensures total regulatory compliance and reduces your liability at the same time.

Training modules

We will keep your workplace safe with our cutting-edge training modules . This will enable you to efficiently provide all required training in an end-to-end fashion while complying fully with all regulations and minimizing your liability. Choose from a broad selection of in-person courses (In German) and e-learning modules .

Document-based training

We provide document-based training programs in addition to briefings and training modules. We can turn dull, dry instructions into interactive training courses.

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