Safety briefings

Electronic safety briefings for contractors, visitors and employees

Safety is a top priority in an industrial environment. You want everyone at your site to be able to move and act safely at all times – employees, visitors and contractor representatives. You can reliably meet this need with safety briefings that are comprehensively adapted to your site’s and business’s specific circumstances. They teach people all the knowledge needed to stay out of harm’s way.

ZEUS, the entry training system that we developed for people who want to enter Industriepark Höchst, has a long and successful track record. It is highly versatile and, with minimal investment, can be efficiently used to keep your site or company safe for a long time to come.

In addition to covering all the knowledge needed to prevent hazardous situations, the system also tests learners’ knowledge and then documents their test performance. ZEUS integrates readily with outside hardware and software. It can support a variety of additional tasks: printing certificates, issuing visitor ID badges, or generating stickers to be placed on helmets, just to name a few examples. And, when connected to an access control system, it will only let safety-briefed individuals enter your facility.

  • Reduce the business risks of unsafe conduct by non-employees on your premises
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Briefings conducted in all desired target languages
  • Capture and verify ID data electronically (may include picture if desired)
  • Professionally teach material and test comprehension with proven ZEUS tools
  • Document everything in full compliance with all rules, regulations, laws and data protection requirements
  • Combine electronic safety briefing with your access control system

Demo rendition of a safety briefing

The ZEUS safety briefing system at Industriepark Höchst uses a brief training video for all visitors.

  • Simple, easy-to-understand visuals – including brief video sequences as needed – and clear, unambiguous explanations guide users through the briefing.
  • A carefully selected, integrated text provided in eleven languages makes sure that the training material is also understood. The self-explanatory system allows people to be trained without any additional administrative effort.

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  • We can also work with you to develop custom solutions for your specific needs.

Safety briefing FAQs

Still have questions? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Why should I switch from factsheet-based training to IT-based ZEUS visitor briefings?

Teach content more effectively using a multimedia format in different languages

  • Confirms comprehension with a final test.
  • Reduces your liability with documentation.
  • Automated system that requires no additional human intervention

What requirements do I have to meet before I can use the ZEUS visitor briefing system?

There are no special requirements to meet.

How does the ZEUS visitor briefing system reduce my liability and improve my compliance?

  • Flexible training options that are specifically tailored to your organization
  • Tests document effectiveness of teaching
  • Multilingual system increases training impact
  • Personally assigned, valid for 1 year

Will it be easy for my employees to migrate to the ZEUS visitor briefing system?

  • The Infraserv employees implementing your specific ZEUS safety briefing system have the supportive expertise and experience to minimize the cost and impact on your business.
  • Once the system is implemented, it will run without human intervention.

How user-friendly is the ZEUS visitor briefing system for the company and users (visitors, contractors)?

We guarantee that it will be easy and intuitive to use, even for people with minimal PC skills.

What companies need this kind of system?

Every company whose visitors and contractors are exposed to health and safety risks on its premises, whether at the entrance to the site or when entering individual plants or buildings.

Are visitor briefings available in languages other than English or German?

Visitors to Industriepark Höchst can choose among 11 different languages. However, the system supports up to 35 different languages.

Do all visitor safety briefings use videos?

No. Infraserv Höchst uses a video, but many of our customers choose to use individual slides with extra effects.

Where do you see the briefing system and where do people take the test?

  • An appropriate number of terminals will be set up at the gates or the entrance to the plants, or a suitable number of tablets, etc. will be provided at the reception desk.
  • They show the briefing information – and allow tests to be taken.
  • Briefings can also be conducted in advance on the internet if you have an online license.

How long does a briefing take?

The briefing takes around eight minutes, including the time needed to enter the data, take a picture, complete the briefing and take the test.

How many times can someone retake the test?

  • The number of attempts is defined in advance.
  • If visitors fail all possible attempts, they will have to be met at the point of entry by their host or client.
  • This host will then be responsible for supervising the visitor.

What content does the test cover?

It contains simple questions on defined safety topics: traffic rules, no smoking, no alcohol or drugs. It also covers checking in at the facility, gas alarms, evacuation alarms, emergency numbers, no electrical devices in hazardous areas, no photography or video.

How long is the test good for?

The test results are valid for one year. After a year, you have to retake the test.

What details have to be provided at the terminal?

  • The following details are required: Your last name, first name, company and date of birth.
  • This information will be used to issue your visitor ID badge.

How long is the data stored?

The data will be stored for one year, in keeping with the validity period of your test results.