Your knowledge and intellectual property drive your business. You have to act fast if you want to protect them from industrial espionage or suspect you have already been spied on. Infraserv Höchst will help you prevent covert listening or wiretapping or stop it if worse comes to worst.

The experts will sweep sensitive areas in your company with state-of-the-art equipment worth up to EUR 700,000.00.

  • Detection of active and passive covert listening devices
  • Measurements of phone, data and 230V lines
  • Examination of hollow spaces with a videoscope
  • Screening of items with an X-ray unit
  • High-frequency, low-frequency and long-wave measurements
  • HF spectrum differential analysis up to 8 GHz
  • Scanning of building fabric with semiconductor detector and imaging metal detector
ZEUS platform

Effectively protecting your intellectual property

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