What do you personally value the most about your relationships with coworkers?

I can rely on my coworkers to come through and I can build on their support.

Coworkers/ Work atmosphere

What do you find particularly attractive about your job?

Varied and interesting responsibilities, good work relationships with my coworkers.

Tasks/ Coaching

Briefly describe your career path for us.

Trained as an industrial clerk at Infraserv, offered a position as an industrial clerk at Infraserv Höchst.

Further education/ Career

What Infraserv benefits don't you want to live without?

Assistance from the pension fund in saving for retirement.

Salary/ Benefits

What major personal goal have you reached with Infraserv's help?

Graduating from my vocational training program.

Environment/ Work-life-balance

Can you name a very special day for yourself at Infraserv?

The day I got my own ID badge. From that point on, you're included in all the safety precautions.

Communication/ Social awareness