Turkish REACH: Register substances today and prevent import bans

What questions should you always answer when marketing products

REACH: Your ticket to marketability

Chemical laws in many countries and regions dictate which substances are allowed in the market and which are not. In Europe, this niche is filled by the REACH Regulation that was enacted in June 2007. Many countries have taken a leaf out of Europe’s book and adopted similar laws of their own: Turkey passed Turkish REACH, South Korea passed K-Reach and Russia passed Eurasian REACH. Great Britain and China followed suit in January 2021 with UK REACH and China REACH.

That puts the onus on you to carefully check what data and documents you need to market your products in each country since the requirements may vary considerably from one country to the next.

Turkey: Key considerations for registering substances

Turkish Reach has been in place in Turkey since December 2017. It requires companies that plan to produce or import one or more metric tons of a substance per annum in Turkey to register these substances by the end of 2023. Businesses that fail to meet this deadline will be unable to market their substances in Turkey. Penalties for violations include import bans.

Plan your registration carefully to avoid unnecessary expense and effort. The faster you act, the more certainty you will have when making plans. You should therefore get answers to the following questions in advance:

  • What kind of options do you have for getting an exemption granted for your substance?
  • Do you even have to register your substance separately or can you buy a Letter of Access (LoA) that lets you co-register under an existing registration and gives you access to the lead registrant’s data?
  • What is your role? Are you a co-registrant or a lead registrant
  • What data do you need as a lead registrant or co-registrant?
  • How do you communicate with other potential registrants? · Do you have data or studies that you should or would like to use
  • What data might you be missing? Have you done all the requisite chemical analyses?
  • Where any substances forgotten that will have to be pre-registered after the fact?

How we help you

We will be delighted to help you answer the questions. You can appoint an only representative (OR) to handle all the activities involved in registration if your company has no presence in Turkey. We would be happy to support you in this role as well.

Our REACH excellence – keeping you on the safe side

We understand all the legal ins and outs of each country and can obtain market access for your products by taking care of all the required data, documents, registrations and notifications.

Within the EU

We will serve as your only representative under EU REACH and support your importers by providing an extended safety data sheet (eSDS) that meets all legal requirements and is written in the language you need. We can also handle registrations as a lead registrant. We will also create and update your registration dossiers and represent you before the various working groups of the ECHA and the national authorities when your dossiers and substances are evaluated.

Outside the EU

We help companies do business in Russia and Asia as well as Turkey. We will determine exactly what needs to be done, one step at a time, and procure access to your desired markets for you and ensure your products are marketable. During this entire process, we work closely with local partners who handle everything that can only be done by a locally domiciled company.

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