Infrasite Monheim GmbH

Serving North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our services

  • Equipment monitoring, inspection and troubleshooting with a dedicated on-call service team
  • Maintenance and servicing of building equipment
  • Maintenance and servicing of laboratory and manufacturing equipment
  • Recurring inspections
  • Warranty and energy management
  • Development of maintenance and repair budgets
  • Documentation and reporting using a CAFM system
  • Janitorial services, cleaning, locker management
  • Groundskeeping, landscaping, pest control, snow and ice control
  • Security, reception, access control
  • Mail, parcel and courier services, laundry distribution and conference services
  • Waste disposal management, waste collection and transportation coordination
  • Monitoring of inventories and waste collection points
  • HSE services (health, safety, environment, fire protection)
  • Management and operation of central chemical storehouses including procurement, issue and accounting
  • Serving as an occupational health and safety specialist under OSH Act (ArbSchG) § 6
  • Development and maintenance of energy management systems

Infrasite Monheim is currently serving distinguished chemical and pharmaceutical companies at the following locations.

Rouven Lorch

Managing Director Infrasite Monheim GmbH

Carlos de Jesus

Head of sales Facility Management